Saturday, 20 August 2016

Young Girls encounter with Pastor Emeka -Story from a reader

Pastor Emeka was a very vibrant and amazing man who ministered divinely. Whenever he spoke with his gentle charismatic manner, there was never a dull moment in the church as he cut across the young and old. A light skinned single pastor from the East who was very fashionable and diligent; Not surprised while a lot of single ladies flocked around the church every Sundays. See I was part of the choir group and anytime I performed a solo song I never go unnoticed as I tend to wow the congregation…
..even the young good looking  Pastor Emeka. He had declared his admiration towards my singing prowess without a backup; which always ended with me just giving him a smile, and that was it.
I had a boyfriend of 5 years who I had been very serious with hoping it ends with my Prince charming taking me to the alter. Things didn’t go well as life tends to serve the real dish right in your face. Turns out my boyfriend had not been faithful and got HIV and also infected me too. Got tested,result read positive,got very devastated and suicidal. Who else can I turn to in this period that can encourage me to pick the pieces up if not Pastor Emeka??
After the normal Sunday service had ended, I decided to wait and meet with Pastor Emeka to tell him about the devastating news that had turned my life into shambles. It was late before I had the chance to meet with Pastor Emeka closed doors in his office and a lot of church workers had called it a day to go home.  Now seated in the office,I talked little about my boyfriend, before I could utter another word, suddenly I just burst into tears. Pastor Emeka being a charming individual urged me not to cry, got up from where he was seated and got very close with to console me. I started to notice his hands slip towards private areas of my body like my breasts and other parts. Someone I thought would help now was taking advantage of me being  sober. With his light face, he kept grinning at me and asked “is this what your boyfriend did to you?”. “Oh!! He did more than that”my cry was more now. Right there to my surprise, Pastor Emeka got me to stand up, pulled my skirt off,quickly pushing me on the table, and forced himself into me (had sex with me). My day had just gone from bad to worse. When he was done having his way with me, still having the grin on his face, now wearing his pants back on , smiling he asks me again “is this was what your boyfriend did to you?”. In a fit of rage, I yelled “he did more than that, he gave me HIV”.  Now the grin on his face had gone off, not knowing if to keep wearing  his pants or take them off . Pastor Emeka had now become confused by what his actions had led to. Where can I go from here?..what do I do?? Please help me!!!
They say the downfall of a man is always a woman but I cant claim to verify how truthful this is,but there's an iota of truth in this statement.

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