Saturday, 22 August 2015

Orezi Speaks About The Skiibii Incident + Reveals The Weirdest Thing He Has Done To Get Publicity

Popular Nigerian singer, Orezi recently did an interview with where he was asked to give his opinion on the popular Skiibii death scare.

Speaking on the matter, Orezi said:
So whatever it is, if it was a PR stunt, they did get everybody. People got to know who Skiibii is. People started searching for him on Google, follows on Instagram. They started downloading his song to hear how he sounds. If it was a publicity stunt it worked.
A lot of people are angry because they felt it was too extreme, but if he uses it to his advantage and blows up with a great song all of us will come out again to say (the stunt) actually (worked) and everything will be forgotten
Follow the jump to see the weirdest thing Orezi has done himself for publicity: Speaking on the weirdest or most interesting thing he has done for publicity, Orezi said:
I did not do it intentionally though so I wouldn’t say I did it. When I was In Dubai, news came out that I was caught there for drug trafficking. It went viral. Everyone was calling my mum. I was afraid and all but it got me more popular so I will say it worked. But it wasn’t premeditated

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