Sunday, 12 October 2014

Young Money drops Tyga over feud with Lil Wayne


Now im a great fan of these two so i dont know who im gonna pay allegiance to lol. Just got news from gackhollywood that the rack city crooner has been brushed off the young money label. Here is how it was reported:

Tyga is leaving Young Money over his disagreement with Lil Wayne, it has been reported.According to sources, Wayne is unhappy with Tyga’s new relationship
to 17-year-old socialite, Kylie Jenner who he had been brining to the studio to record some tracks with.One source mentioned that after news broke Tyga was seeing Kylie, Wayne stopped making his protege a priority of his, putting the album Tyga was supposed to release, on shelves until he’s happy with the current situation.It’s believed that Lil Wayne doesn’t agree with Tyga’s romance to Jenner — mainly because she’s underage and feels that whatever music material they release, it’ll backfire on the label because Tyga is already surrounded with so much bad publicity.Of course we aren’t the only ones who are questioning this relationship.A 24-year-old dating a 17-year-old.Sources say discussions have been held and Wayne decided to shelve Tyga’s ‘Gold’ album until a solution emerges itself.The music exec won’t release an album with this much bad publicity behind his label or his name.“[Tunechi] thinks that it’s disgraceful that Tyga is dating Kylie, who is the same age as [Lil Wayne's oldest] daughter REGINAE. Reginae and Kylie are actually friends,” an insider said.“Wayne thinks it’s a bad example for his daughter, who is in the [music] usiness, and surrounded by rappers.”Wayne is super close with his daughter Reginae who is the same age as Kylie.If Reginae was to bring home a boy the same age as Tyga, one could only imagine what Wayne would do in that situation.Kylie was said to have attended several studio sessions with her new beau as she’s also planning to pursue a music career, but nobody over at the Young Money record label is happy with her being there seeing that she’s allegedly hooking up with Tyga.“Tyga’s been recording music with Kylie, he’s hoping to make her a star, but Wayne won’t release any of Tyga’s features on her tracks,” the insider adds.The news of Wayne putting Tyga’s music on hold comes just one day after Tyga admitted his label are refusing to release his new music after he announced plans he would be leaving the company following the album’s release.This is quickly turning into a mess.

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