Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Evils twins murder mum and stab dad, brother with meat cleaver, for stopping them from joining ISIS (Graphic)

A pair of twin brothers have brutally murdered their own mother after she tried to stop them from leaving to join ISIS.

Khalid and Saleh Al Areeni, 20, lured their unsuspecting mum, 67, into the store room of their family home in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, before savagely stabbing her to death.

They then went on to attack their 73-year-old dad, along with their brother Sulaiman, 22, leaving both
of them critically wounded in hospital.

Pictures from a local news channel showed the frightening array of weaponry used in the attack – which included a meat cleaver, a large machete and several different knives.

The horrific images also showed blood spattered all around the house in scenes reminiscent of a Hollywood horror flick.

A spokesperson for the Saudi Arabian interior ministry said: “The security authorities received a call at 1:12am on Friday about an utterly heinous crime committed by Khalid and Saleh Al Areeni.

The evil pair then stole a car and fled the scene, only to be picked up by cops around 60 miles away.

“They used a cleaver and sharp knives they brought from outside.

“The mother died on the spot and the father and brother were critically injured and were taken to a hospital.”

Local reports claim the twins’ mum had told them she would report them to cops if they kept trying to leave to join ISIS.

The terrifying incident stunned the Saudi public, with many questioning how two privileged young men with good marks at school could do such a thing.

According to Gulf News, the imam of the family’s local mosque, Othman Al Maney, said Khalid and Saleh rarely came to pray there.
"They prayed for one week about four months ago, while their father, a pious man, is among the first comers to the mosque and their mother, also known for her piety, prayed the late prayers with us on Thursday,” 
Meanwhile, social media users in the strict Muslim country – which has one of the highest execution rates in the world – have called for the death penalty for the brothers.

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