Saturday, 4 April 2015

See The Real Life Valley of Shadow of Death (PHOTO)

The worlds most dangerous road was built from 1901 to 1905, the path provides access to a hydro-electric plant and took its name after an official visit by Alfonso VIII of Spain in 1921. The trail known as El Caminito del Rey, or king's little footpath, is a five-mile walkway on the side of the Gaitanes Gorge in El Chorro-Alora near Malaga in southern Spain.

But over the years, it was neglected and became more dangerous for people trying to walk, culminating in a number of deaths around 15 years ago. Closing in 2000 after a number of people fell to their deaths, the path reopened last weekend after a safer footpath was installed above the original, a restoration which has been ongoing for four years and reportedly cost €5.5m.

An estimated 500 tons of metal and concrete were used to fortify, rebuild, strengthen and resurrect the route. See more photos below:

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