Tuesday, 9 December 2014

50 cent's words to Floyd Mayweather who witnessed his friend kill his wife & shoot himself

After not talking for more than a year,50cent has finally reached out to former friend Floyd Mayweather after the boxer witnessed one of his best friends shoot his wife and then kill himself in rage..Floyd also reposted the message ..From 50cent's consoling statement, it is clear the boxer may have once been in the same situation with an ex who cheated..
TMZ reports that ....
Rapper Earl Hayes called Floyd on FaceTime Monday morning in a rage, over claims his wife -- VH1 star Stephanie Moseley -- had been unfaithful.
According to our Floyd sources, Earl said he was going to kill his wife. The champ was pleading with him to get a grip ... to no avail. Floyd will not say how much he saw, but he acknowledges he was a witness and heard everything.
Floyd is in shock and is having extreme difficulty dealing with the fact that he witnessed a horrifying murder/suicide.

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