Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Read Peace Anyiam Osigwe's moving tribute to late brother who was shot dead by robbers

In a moving tribute titled "Hw do you say goodbye to a brother", founder of AMAA Awards (African Movie Academy Awards), Peace Anyiam-Osigwe expressed deep sadness over the loss of her older brother, Micheal Anyiam-Osigwe who died of gunshot wounds in a robbery attack on Nov 29th along the Ore-Benin expressway. Below is her tribute to him which she shared at his funeral last week.
"When you are as close as we are as a family, it is not easy to think that you will not see one of you again. When our father traveled to a higher land being that E.O was my best friend, it was a lot easy because I had time to say goodbye  but Micheal my brother gave me or anyone no time to say goodbye. But how do you say goodbye to a brother who was the epitome of peace. 
He cares for everyone and was always fussing over everyone of us. I have been blessed to have seven brothers all wonderful in their own ways but Micheal was truly special. The few months were trying period in my life but he stood by me never letting me go alone for any appointment. He never wanted m fighting anyone because he believed that life is a cycle. Micheal it is most painful that you died by a gunshot. This you didn't deserve. As your one and only sister, this is one thing I cannot bear. I don't think that I or many others whose life you touched in so many ways will ever be able to comprehend this nightmare that we are having right now. Micheal Nwannenya, it's amazing that papa allowed you to join him so soon but knowing you the way I do, I know that you save the world and not yourself. It has done on me each day I wake up that it is a reality Micheal, the Cerebral Genius, the caring understandable humble brother you can ever have is gone. As President of the Africa Film Academy which under your control as Coordinator General of the Anyiam Osigwe Foundation, we cannot bear this loss because you were very important in everything that concerns AMAA. Our loss is immense both as an organization and also personally as your wife Okiemute is our Accountant in AMAA. Micheal Anyioam-Osigwe, he walked with the poise of a leader. The embodiment of peace coupled with the eloquence of a true gentelman. 

He was the personification of genius. Like your father who was an extraordinary form of man, you understand where others were ignorant in the reality of the world. Micheal, you were, you are still and will forever remain one of the greatest to this country and the world at large. You have not left, you have transcended. Remember, character is personality. As I conclude, I want to ask my brother, President Goodluck Jonathan who has been a member of this family that for the sake of your brother Micheal Anyiam-Osigwe, do not let his death be in vain. This stretch of road between Okada and Benin have taken so many souls that did not need to be taken. Its frightening to also hear that the armed robbers were wearing DSS  uniforms. I wonder what your service chiefs are doing to help travelers get rid of these men of the underworld. Please do the road for the sake of a man who is a global Ambassador of Nigeria".

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