Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Expensive Life I'm living – Actress Liz Anjorin

Actress Liz Anjorin had an interesting chat with Punch's ‘Nonye Ben-Nwankwo about her style, etc:

Is there a difference between your style and your fashion?
They are not the same thing. At times, I may just feel like changing my style. At another time, I may just feel like looking different. It all depends on what I want at a particular time but I know that my style and fashion are not the same.

What is your fashion craze?
I love jewellery and clothes, in that order. You may wear a dress of N1500 and you wear diamond or gold worth N3m, people would not even remember that you are wearing a cheap dress. I also love shoes and bags.

Is it because of your religion that you don’t like exposing your body?
No. It has always been my character. I am known for that. If you remember, I was the one that started tying scarves in movies. It suited me then and before you knew it, ladies started tying scarves. If I have to wear miniskirts or shorts, that should be in my house. I can wear anything in my house.

But a picture where you wore bikini and shorts also went viral some time ago…
Those were location pictures. But since that picture went viral, so many people have been wearing such now. I remember when I wore beads four or five years ago. People criticised me. They were asking me if I were an Olori. But before you knew it, people started wearing beads. It became the trend. There was a time I wore heavy beads and people criticised me. Now it is trending. Don’t criticise people. If what the person is wearing is nice, just pay a compliment to the person.

What kind of attire do you love wearing?
I love wearing things that would cover my body. I don’t like exposing my body. That is just my style. At times, I may just feel like carrying Ghana Weave for a month.

Is there really a difference between the Liz we see on the screen and the one we see in real life?
There is a clear cut difference between me and the character I play. So many people see me in real life and they change their perception about me. They even tell me I look more beautiful in real life than I look in the movies.

But you always act the role of a gangster or a big babe in movies, are you saying there is no element of such in your dressing in real life?
No. I am not what people see on the screen. I wear shorts in the movies, I smoke and I wear long artificial nails.

But you wear artificial nails in real life or don’t you?
No. I don’t fix my nails. I don’t even drink any kind of alcohol and I don’t dance in public despite the fact that I am a good dancer. I can only dance when I am on set.

Concerning your hair, dreadlock is trending at the moment, have you considered locking your hair?
No. I have not done that before.

What of make-up?
I can only wear make-up if I am going for an event. I don’t like make-up at all. I can afford to stay without make-up. The more you make up, the more you stress your face. I don’t do all those facial scrubbings. I have very tender skin, so I wouldn’t want anything to irritate my skin.
So you cannot, once in a while, go to the spa and pamper your body?
I feel like doing such but because Lady A does that doesn’t mean that I should do it as well. I understand my body type and I know what I have to do to maintain it. I am already spotless. At times, I go to the salon and the attendants would want me to do manicure or pedicure but once they touch my leg and hand, they would instantly tell me that I don’t need such. I have a tender skin.

Celebrities don’t always wear the same dress for more than one event, can we see you ‘re-rock’ a dress?
I cannot tell you I can’t do it. But the truth is that I have not done it. But I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. You may have money to change your wardrobe over and over today but you may not know what will happen tomorrow. It is not good to brag. I have not done it before anyway.

That means you must have so many clothes?
I have so many. But as an actress, I’m expected to have many clothes, shoes and bags. But like I said earlier, I love jewellery. You might just wear two rings on your fingers and those rings might worth more than the cost of a car.

Does your fashion and style stop at just things you wear?
No. I extend it to everything that is around me. You would notice my taste even in my car. My house is lovely too. I love being neat. My house is white. In fact, my style is everything.

How would you love your guy to dress?
I love my guy to be on native attire. He has to look smart. He has to be simple and classy.

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