Friday, 24 October 2014

Girls ear bitten off during fight with Angry Neighbour in Lagos

Now this is more like a female Luis Suarez story lol. A Lagos State Polytechnic student named Bola had her right ear bitten off by her neighbour during a fight
this past Monday October 20th at her residence in Ikorodu. According to an eye-witness to the fight, the other lady allegedly hid the ear in her mouth for a few minutes after biting if off. She then spit it out and stepped on it as people were looking for it. Anyway, she was later arrested and the case is now being handled by the police at First Gate in Ikorodu. Bola is recovering at the hospital. The picture is very graphic, thats why it wasn't posted. Ok heres the graphic image below:

unnamed Photo: Girls Ear Bitten Off During Fight With Neighbour In Lagos

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