Monday, 27 October 2014

Meet Nigeria's Hairiest Lady Queen Okafor in Sexy New Photo

Incase you don't know her, she is Queen Okafor, arguably Nigeria's hairiest lady. Good to see she's still rocking her look with confidence .
Last year, the 26 year old aspiring actress told the Sun
“The first time it started to grow on my body, I was ashamed, but someone advised me that I shouldn’t bother, that it is a blessing not a curse.
The person told me that I am unique, besides, wherever I go, I would be recognised. She advised me that I shouldn’t be ashamed, rather that I should be proud of myself. It was her that gave me strength and boosted my self esteem. Some people think that I am a man. Some think I fixed my breast to deceive people. Men especially find it difficult to believe that I am a woman. It was when we interact that most men are reassured that I am a woman. It has made me to be very popular and recognised in public. It has boosted my confidence to socialize. People want to identify with me to know the stuff I am made of. Some want to find out where this girl is coming from. People call and dash me money because of my hairy nature, but I don’t beg for money.
Last year

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