Monday, 20 October 2014

Tyga lashes a fan on instagram over romance with kylie Jenner

Young Money rapper Tyga couldnt hold himself on instagram after a fan called him a 'pedophile' over rumours that he is in a relationship with Kylie.
Recently,the pair have been seen almost everywhere together. They arrived France together and according to a report, the KUWTK star also followed him to Athens where he performed.

checkout how the drama went down on instagram:

The user or Fan @smartchik78 wrote: “Nasty a– pedophile..your career and family is worth losing over this Kardashian baby thot @kyliejenner..I hope @blacchyna takes you away from your should be locked up.”

Then Tyga replied writing this:
“@smartchik78 why u sound so hateful. U don’t know s—- bout my life but the fake s—- u read online. Worry about your sad boring life. U wish u can have a baby by a n—- like me and live this lifestyle.let me guess no one wants u or ever attempted to spoil u and give u the world like I do for mines. Your ugly not just physically but in your soul. Never speak on on my son.”
Wow, now that’s pretty crazy that he wrote something like that to someone he barely knows! We think Tyga should have taken the high road and not even responded


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