Saturday, 11 October 2014

I used to beg to perform but now i charge millions

Popular comedian,okey bakassi who you can say is a veteran in the entertainment industry had an interview featured on punch. When the reporter
asked "what was it like when you first started in this industry...the pay must be peanuts?", here is what the comedian had to say:
   "We were begging to work back then but today people call to say they need our services. That is the difference and its a whole lot. Back then,i used to beg and say "sir i can do this,just give me a chance" and the person would tell me "what is stand-up comedy,it is a serious event and there is no time for jokes." With hesistation, they would say i should do what i can and if they have anything they would give me after the event. I do my work, impress them and they give me stipend for transport and that was how it was.
  From there another person could call saying they saw what I did at the event and when we talked about price, they could say it was too expensive and they do not really need my service, then I asked them to give me whatever they could give me. But today, people call and I say I want to be paid N2.5m and they agree.'

Really sounds like he's living the life. Hardwork really pays!!

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