Monday, 1 December 2014

'What Myself And Ik Ogbonna Share Is True Love' - Sonia Lareinaa

Sonia Lareinaa, Nollywood actor, Ik Ogbonna’s girlfriend has granted her first ever interview. Sonia who says she is 23 revealed she is still a student and how the love she shares with the actor has grown over the short period they met. Sonia is happy dating IK and looks forward to walking down the aisle with him. Enjoy her exclusive interview with Nigerian films after the cut.
Can we get to know who Sonia is and what she does?
I was born 19th January 1991 in a family of three, as only girl and the oldest child. I study at University of Belgrade in Republic of Serbia, At Faculty of Political Sciences - Department of Social Policy to be more specific. At the moment I am busy with my masters. I also do work of a translator because I fluently speak Five languages (does pidgin counts too? laughs). From time to time I do modeling jobs, but I really don’t take them truly serious.

Where are you based, Nigeria and Colombia?
All my life I have been citizen of a word. I hardly lived in South America though. I was mostly based in Europe at relation France-Holland-Serbia because of my education. Lately route Europe-Nigeria became very frequent in my schedule.
What do you find fascinating about IK and why did you accept to date him?
We are too much alike. If we were from the same country I would seriously doubt that he might be my long lost twin brother (laughs). He knows how I breathe!
What was your parent’s reaction about you dating him?
They all adore him in my family because of his amazing personality and the fact that he treats me like a real man should. Every normal parent is happy with their children's happiness.
Are you dating him for fun or you expect something serious from him like marriage?
There is very, very small circle of people I let come close to me. I don't have time or energy to let myself be around too many people. Ik is my best friend and a very special part of me.
How will you feel if he ends up not marrying you, won't you see it as a waste of time?
If someone is part of your destiny, nothing and none will be capable of changing it. In any other case every experience is a priceless blessing we learn from- if we are smart enough of course.
If Ik was not a star, would you have still accepted him?
I didn't even know he was a star before I came to Nigeria. As you remember, I’m not Nigerian neither I lived in Nigeria. Beside, takes much more than a "star" to impress me. There are plenty stars but there is only one Ik.
Do you believe in long distance relationship?
As I said, if someone was meant for you, no other person or situation can possibly change that. In that case, distance can only work in your favour and help you realize some amazing things.
What is your perception about career women in marriages?
Personally I could never feel complete, satisfied, fulfilled or happy by sitting home 24/7. I’m very ambitious person, i love challenges, my mind works extremely fast, I’m restless business-minded woman and I don't see how a healthy marriage can affect my personal progress. Your man should support you, advice you, motivate you, encourage you, be proud of you, help you grow into better person by each and every day not control you or lock you in the kitchen. Remember, you are his partner not his child or a maid. Only frustrated, insecure, weak men will try to stop their women from their own professional progress. That's not love!

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