Sunday, 30 November 2014

Boko Haram: Lady In Hijab Caught With Bomb At Murtala Hospital Kano

A woman was caught at Murtala Specialist Hospital Kano around noon Sunday dressed in the Muslim Burkah with a bomb under her robe.
The lady was said to be pretending to want to visit a sick patient. She was dressed in hijab niqaf with socks.
Underneath her hijab she had a bomb strapped.
The bomb was immediately deactivated by security people at the site and the lady was set on fire according to our reporter.

The lady was said to have been accompanied by two armed men who were waiting for the bomb to be detonated, to again start firing on the escaping victims.
This follows Friday’s bomb and gunmen attack on the Kano central Mosque where over 200 faithfuls were
Murtala specialist hospital is one of the hospitals receiving victims of the deadly Mosque blast.

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