Friday, 28 November 2014

Psychologist Adejoro Olumofin launches Psychology / Consulting Firm

Flamboyant Psychologist and Lagos Socialite Adejoro Olumofin launches Psychology / Consulting firm. Below is one of his controversial articles on women with pot belly in Lagos
Most young Ladies in #Lagos Nigeria have neglected their bodies and have developed "Pot Bellys" as a result of Excessive Eating and Lazy Attitude towards the Gym. Working out is a Necessity not Luxury.. Its always shocking when I see young Pretty ladies at functions; Parties, weddings looking like they are 3 months Pregnant when they are not.
As a guy who is quite Sociable I see this everytime and I've also overheard guys who may be potentials suitors to some Ladies complain about this countless times. Recent study shows that there are 7 Women to 2 men in Lagos.. We all know some Lagos Girls are not smiling so if you don't want to "Carry Last" and u don't want other girls stealing or competing with you for your Man I suggest you enroll in a Gym ASAP.
Primacy Effect in Psychology means Remembering First encounters more than late encounters.. In light of this Psychological Principle you may have only one chance to impress or catch a new guy or suitor.. If he walks past you and thinks you're 3 months pregnant or you look like "Iya Basira" he won't approach or follow up.. No Pain! No Gain!  Test your body.. Please Note that this is not about weight ; you may be slim and have a pot belly, and you be Plus Size and also have a Pot Belly.. #DoktorMofin #Psychology #LetterToTheLadies Vol 2

Read More on his Instagram Page - @joroolumofin

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