Friday, 28 November 2014

Passengers accuse Kanye of being unapologetic after delaying flight from Paris

Kanye has been accused of being unapologetic after delaying passengers boarding a flight from Paris to Helsinki.According to the Page Six of the NYPost .
The whole flight was waiting on one of those buses that ferries passengers from the gate to the plane. Kanye and his assistant boarded in a huff.’The assistant sprinted to the bus from the gate with all of the travel documents, while Kanye walked casually behind him. They did not apologise for keeping everyone.’Once Kanye took his seat in first class, he reportedly refused to pose for a photo with a European couple who recognised him.
Kanye seemed to be open to taking a photo with the pair, but then signalled that other passengers behind them were queuing to board the
plane.After the man told Kanye he liked his 2004 album, The College Dropout, they bumped fists and the rapper said, ‘Thanks’,.

Kanye then focused on his laptop computer, which
reportedly displayed photographs of a nearly nude woman with long, dark hair.

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