Saturday, 8 November 2014

Halima Abubakar Shoots Documentary On Bullying, Because She Was A victim

Actress Halima Abubakar has disclosed why she is shooting a documentary on bullying. According to her, she 
was bullied all through her educational life and it even got worse in her university days and had to start 
shooting a documentary on it which will serve as a campaign against it. Here’s what she told Tribune; 
You have been working on this documentary on bullying. How is that like?
Yes, the documentary is one of my charity pieces for schools. When it eventually gets out, it will be for schools.
 Bullying is like the story of my life. I passed through that experience all through my educational life, even now.
There was a time I did not write a particular exam because of a threat. They threatened to do things to me if 
I came for that exam (Statistics). So, I stayed back. I had to sit for that exam the following year.
Were they cult members?
No, they were a group of girls. It was way back in Kano. Perhaps they couldn’t stand my guts. Then, I had started 
acting. You know, some insecure people sometimes look for people to bully in order to satisfy themselves. I was
so scared of them that I believed they could really harm me. So, I did not write that exam that day. It was that bad. 
Sometimes, I cried all day. During my undergraduate days in Kano, I was a victim of severe attacks by these girls.
 I don’t know what to call it, whether envy or insecurity, but they kept me in constant fear. I only had two friends: a 
guy and a girl (Habiba). They were the two people who stood by me in BUK (Bayero Univeristy, Kano). The funny 
thing is that after school, we lost contact. God bless them wherever they are.

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