Sunday, 23 November 2014

Kim Kardashian Is My Fashion Icon - Jumai Shaba

Jumai Shaba who was a red carpet host with MNET Jara before switching to Discovery Channel as a talk show host alongside Gideon Okeke has expressed her love for Christ and says she is totally born again now. Jumai has been running a Sunday Vlog on Youtube for some time now called Sunday Love Series where she tries to lure people to Christ. She spoke with Punch on their Style Question and Answer segment where she also said Kim Kardashian is her fashion icon. Now the best gift you can ever have or get in life, is giving your life to Christ. Congrats Jumai we are so happy for you. Plus I shall bring you one of her videos when I return from church… s*xy preacher hehehe. Please continue below…

Q: How would you describe your sense of style?
A .My style is mature; sexy and fun. I love bright colours like yellow. I love accessories and most time when I dress, I style more around accessories. The good thing about being in the entertainment and fashion industry is that people give us many things. That doesn’t mean that I don’t spend my money. Truth is, I am a muse to a lot of designers like Toju Foyeh, Lanre Da Silva and Agbani Darego. I get things from people as I help them. I don’t really wear gold but I wear a lot of costume jewellery. They don’t cost that much, if something looks nice and is expensive, I won’t buy it. As much as I love fashion, I am very careful with my money. I won’t make myself broke because of fashion.
Q: What is the most expensive dress in your wardrobe?
A: It’s a Toju Foyeh dress made for the Genevieve Pink Ball and she made the pink dress with crystal. This must have cost her a lot of money. I have a Diane-Von-Furstenberg dress which I bought for 150 pounds because it was on sale. I shop everywhere— Primark, Obalende, Selfridges—but I love accessories.
Q: What outfits do you not love wearing?
A: I can’t be caught dead wearing bum shorts and I don’t like colour blocking.
Q: Any style icons?
A: I love the Kadarshian sisters’ fashion and style sense, especially Kim’s. Forget all the drama around her body; since she got on with Kanye, she has truly stepped out in beautiful numbers. They both dress very well. They wear a lot of neutral and earth colours, which I totally love and admire.
Q: You shocked many with your recent conversion to Christianity, how did this happen?
A: It is something I have been thinking of for a long time. I come from a family of Muslims; my father and siblings are Muslims while my mother is a Christian. To come from a predominantly Muslim background and then become a Christian has to be your calling especially if you are into entertainment. It was my calling. I had to not just be a Christian, but to also live as a Christian. I am very compelled to spread the gospel and that is what I do on my Sunday Vlog series.
Q: Do you believe in love and marriage?
A: I can’t be a born-again Christian and not believe in marriage because it helps. I like the whole idea of a man and a woman coming together to help each other. My idea of an ideal marriage is one where respect and love thrive.

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