Thursday, 6 November 2014

Lol... Cassie and Kim Porter 'get messy' over Diddy

Kim Porter (left) is the mother of three of Diddy's children and singer Cassie (right) is his current girlfriend. So, two days ago, Diddy turned 45 and his main chick Cassie sent him a soppy sweet birthday message. A few hours later, Kim, who's been with Diddy the longest wished him an extra special happy birthday and kinda reminded Cassie that she's been there longer. Well, Cassie reminded Kim what time it See the messages after the cut...

 So Cassie sent this shout out to Diddy on his birthday

A few hours later, Kim Porter, who is still seeing Diddy, sent her own birthday wishes using a throwback pic of her and Diddy all hugged up and sealed it with the caption, 'luv u long time'.

A few hours later, Cassie reminded Kim what year it was with a selfie from bed holding the grand prize, Diddy! Lol
Kim gave up after

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