Monday, 17 November 2014

Thought Of The Day: Nigeria Is Cursed And In Dire Need Of Deliverance - Femi Fani Kayode

A thought provoking piece by Femi Fani Kayode. Read below:
"Nigeria is not blessed, she is cursed and she is in dire need of deliverance. If we were not cursed how can we act as if all is well and how can we be normal after 49 of our school children were bombed to death in one fell swoop.

This single outrageous and horrendous act is enough to traumatise most nations and most people for the next ten years, but not us. Most of us are indifferent: we shut it out and act as if it never happened.
We are a land that continues to dance, to make merry and to rejoice even as it's weakest and most vulnerable citizens are butchered and even when it's very own children are slaughtered like christmas turkeys and sallah rams. I see all this and I say shame on us all: from the highest to the lowest we have all failed. From the pauper to the prince and from the servant to the king we are all guilty.
We are a strange land of strange men and women. We are a land where the nepthalim hold sway. We are a land that enjoy to watch others suffer injustice, persecution and wickedness and where the youth would
rather rant on facebook and twitter than risk their lives by marching on the streets and demanding change.In this country hundreds of our people are slaughtered in 100 different ways and abducted every week and there is no sense of panic or alarm.
There are no tears, there is no urgency, there is no passion, there is no anger, there are no demonstrations or demands for those that commit this evil to be brought to justice, there is no support for our security agents and military, there is no sense of national outrage and most important of all there is no genuine empathy or sympathy for the victims and casualties of terror even though most of them are women and children. It is just business as usual and our nation is flying on auto pilot. Let us hope and pray that we don't eventually go into free-fall and crash. "- Femi Fani-Kayode .

Mr Fani Kayode often sits on the fence and says a lot of gibberish. But never before has he hit the nail on the head as with this peace. 

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