Thursday, 20 November 2014

Tyga disapointed in Kylie Jenner after she failed to show up for his 25th birthday party

Tyga celebrated his birthday last night in Los Angeles, but there was one important face missing from the festivities!According to Enews!, the rapper, who turns 25 years old today, planned a bash which included a number of his famous friends and Kylie Jenner was supposed to be one of them, but, the 17-year-old never showed up.
"Tyga really wanted Kylie at his party, he had gone out of his way in planning to make sure it was at a spot where she could get in,"
"The Argyle is a restaurant, which is why he chose to have his party there because he knew she'd be allowed in. Everyone was expecting her. As it got later and later and she still hadn't shown up, everyone was a bit confused.There was no explanation as to why Kylie never ended up attending the party, but Tyga, who "seemed a bit annoyed," didn't let it affect his plans.Tyga was with an entire entourage and performed a few songs. It was a late night, party lasted right up until closing time, about 2 a.m."
A different source explains to E! News that Tyga was supposed to perform at Greystone on Sunday night, but while discussing details with the club beforehand, he learned that the venue would not allow Kylie in because she's underage.
For that reason, he bowed out of the appearance and chose to celebrate at The Argyle instead, so that Kylie could join in on the fun.Unfortunately, that didn't end up happening anyway.

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