Saturday, 1 November 2014

Linda Ikeji Was Reportedly Crazy in Love With OAP Dan Foster

In a funny piece on the Punch today, popular OAP Dan Foster was asked about having a lot of options of women including Linda Ikeji before getting married at a certain time and here is what he had to say. 
Read below:

"Oh yeah! I remember Linda asking me what she did wrong. She went on and on. My wife always tries to delete her number no matter how I tag it on my phone. She would always figure the number out and she would find out what I use to code it".

When he was told that Linda is doing well now,and if he felt she should have married her check what he said below:

"She is a nice kid. I hope she is able to find someone but she has to find the right person. She is really into what she is doing. She is an honest kid. I thought I wasn't good enough for her. I kept asking her why me. But she was really into me. I couldn't believe it. I took her for granted. I felt she could always find a fine model on the runway. But she was so really serious about me. She was in love with me. But it didn't work out. I took her for granted and I was dating another person while i was dating her.''

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