Saturday, 1 November 2014

My Popularity is not from Satan- Oritse Femi

A popular artiste once said "more money,more problems". It is quite normal when you become successful, people tend to make different claims on the source of your wealth. A lot has been said as to the source of the musicians wealth after buying a Range Rover and moving into a N120m mansion in Lekki. In an interview with Punch, popular musician Oritse Femi has debunked such rumours. 
Read below:
" I headline several shows both home and abroad. There is hardly a show you would go to right now that my name is not on the poster. It is through hard work and I thank God. Although I cannot disclose how much I got the car and the house, I was able to get the money from the shows I headline. I am popular now due to hardwork and I am always in the studio. after my song (mercy of the lord), with Da Grin, I tried my best to bring out a better song but I was unlucky to get any. I had to go back to the drawing board to create the kind of sound people would like. I did not go to Satan to succeed, it is not possible. I advise many of my childhood friends that to make it in life, you have to work hard. I say this because
some of them may believe the rumour that i did juju, no. It is through hard work. Hard work pays and nobody should do juju. It is my hard work that is paying off". 

I hope you have all learnt something which is if you work hard, you play hard too!!

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